Secureboot error Hotfix for Windows 8.1


As Microsoft rolled out Windows 8.1 in October last year many user tried to find solution for ‘Secureboot is’t configured correctly’ message on desktop. Microsoft issued an update to fix this annoying watermark problem. Hotfix was issued under knowledge base article KB2902864. What is SecureBoot ? Secureboot is a security standard developed by members of the

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Direct Download iPhone ios7 ipsw Firmware

offline installer ios 7 ipsw direct download link

Whether you want to upgrade your iPhone to latest firmware or restore it, you need to download the firmware (IPSW file) and latest version of itunes software. Below are the links for all iphone devices which are compatible with iOS 7 operating system. First a word of caution take a complete backup before restoring or updating your apple iphone. Restoring your device will erase all your stored data, contacts and any other information saved. All your apps will also be deleted.

Advance Notification for October 2013 Patch Tuesday – 8 bulletins, 4 Critical, 4 Important


Microsoft has issued advance notification for October 2013 Patch Tuesday. According to official notice 8 bulletins will be released with 4 critical and four important. The Critical updates address vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, .NET Framework and Windows. Vulnerability in Internet explorer has been publicly disclosed and is described in Security Advisory 2887505. System restart is must for

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Adobe Hacked 2.9 million Creative Cloud Customers Compromised


Adobe hacked ! ! ! This is biggest news today. The creative software company has details about the security breach on its official blog. According to Adobe hackers managed to get information of about 2.9 million customers. The compromised data contains customer Ids, encrypted passwords, customer names, encrypted credit/debit card numbers, expiration dates, and other

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Direct Download Link – Internet explorer 11 Preview Release for Windows 7


Microsoft has made available release preview of its upcoming web browser Internet explorer 11 for windows 7. Company is hoping it to be a game changer in terms of browser market share which it is losing to other popular and advance web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. No release date for final version

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